Advice for Males: Five Random Ways to Spark Desire in a Woman!

A young man does not need any specialAdvices for males work to come into a state of complete sexual readiness: it is enough just to glimpse at a seductive trough between the breasts or tightly-fitting jeans on a woman’s behind. For many men, it is enough to buy Cialis online (including generic Cialis) and other similar drugs.

For women to become aroused, everything is much more difficult. You need to press a number of buttons and lower a mass of switches before the brain opens its physiological locks and releases a violent flow of vasoactive intestinal peptides, stimulating blood flow in female genitals. Meanwhile, sometimes happening spontaneously, a man unknowing excites a woman with his actions. Do you still continue to act at random in the hopes that at least some tricks from your “arsenal of experience” will work? Below you will get acquainted with an exhaustive list of seduction techniques that will help you feel like a real sex god.

“Turn on” hands

Advices for males

Walking down the street or watching TV, hold your lady’s hand. Of those forty thousand nerve endings, which densely cover female palms, at least one will send the desired signal to the brain.

One of the most popular erotic fantasies in women is associated with the desire to be tied during sex (option – blindfolded sex). Sexologists have the following explanation: modern women are largely emancipated and often engage in traditionally “masculine” affairs, so they sometimes want to remember their feminine nature, feel like a woman in the full sense of the word, taking off the burden of responsibility.

Help her realize her sexual fantasies

According to a report published on the pages of the ever-popular Journal of Sex Research, women think about sex an average of 19 times a day. After giving impetus to the sexual fantasies of your partner, you will soon actualize their erotic dreams (with your own participation, of course). It can be a “Kamasutra” book accidentally left open or a film of graphic or erotic content to be viewed in her presence.

Arrange joint “sport holidays”

Scientists at the University of Texas at Austin have found that physical activity makes a woman more susceptible to touch, as it increases tactile sensitivity and stimulates the sympathetic nervous system that controls stimulation. Go to the gym together or run at the stadium and finish the gym training, applying your final approach in the bedroom.

Schedule a sexy post

Advices for malesNo wonder they say that separation makes the heart fonder. Recharge your sexual batteries by temporarily giving up intimacy in any form: oral, manual, or classical. Adding intrigue to your love game will make for an adversarial challenge: who will surrender first? Advice: it is better to surrender first (let her enjoy the victory).

Share lists of sexual desires

Scientists from the University of New Brunswick find that after 15 years of marriage, only 30% of spouses get to know each other in a sexual way: much by this time is still a mystery with seven seals. Do not hide your desires from each other, and even more so, don’t be shy about them: arrange a day of revelation, after which all your sex life will begin to develop in a completely different manner. Do not be afraid to use Cialis with any male power problems. Be honest with your lady, and she will reward you handsomely.