Diet Plan That is Extremely Important for Men’s Health and Potency

Since the dawn of time, mankind has been looking for effective ways to improve potency, which can activate blood flow to the genitals and enhance sexual pleasure, just like Cialis 20mg does today.

Aphrodisiacs from different parts of the world

The inhabitants of Greece called these means aphrodisiacs. An important one among them is food for “love” – products that increase potency.

The activity of aphrodisiacs is directed at one to four factors:

  • Diet for men’s health and good potencyincreasing attraction and erotic feelings
  • rejuvenating effect on the bodies of men and women
  • strengthening male potency
  • supporting the activity of all sexual functions

Long ago, there was an opinion that products possessing specific activating effects were useful for improving libido and eliminating erectile dysfunction. In the USA and Europe, high efficiency for this part was attributed to common walnuts and raw chicken yolk. In the East, the products for increasing potency were more exotic, so men there often drank snake blood, ate food flavored with rhinoceros horn powder, and ate prepared testes of various animals.

A list of products that contribute to the activation of libido

To eliminate erectile dysfunction is to eat well. It can be nuts – hazel, pistachios, almonds, walnuts, peanuts. Eat a handful of nuts a day, because they contain an amino acid – arginine, which ups blood circulation.

Also, do not neglect fruits. Eat lemons, pomegranates, figs, oranges, and more. Among vegetables, turnip (boiled or its seeds), as well as onions and leeks, are the most effective. Do not interfere in the diet and spicy greens. Add the herbs: anise, tarragon, mint and other herbs.

With Freud’s support, remember that anDiet for men’s health and good potency erection can be improved by eating foods like pumpkin seeds, various mushrooms, nettle herbs and rye bread. The inhabitants of France even have a special diet of dandelions. Do not forget that milk dishes also contribute to the activation of potency. So add to your diet cheese, yogurt, kefir and cottage cheese.

Sweet consumption can also increase male power. For example, honey mixed with milk, egg yolks, and beer yeast will serve as an excellent reinforcement for a night of passionate sex. Dark chocolate is also considered a product that increases potency.

Among food products that enhance potency are fish and other seafood. So that will not be superfluous in your menu, try mussels, shrimp, boiled crawfish, meat thrush, pheasant, cooked flounder, shellfish, as well as oysters. Casanova, for example, advised his followers to eat for breakfast five dozen oysters that have long been considered a real zinc pantry. This microelement is necessary both for the production of seminal fluid, and for normal blood circulation. Of course, five dozen oysters – this is an obvious bust, but 6 – it’s just right.

Important nutritional components of the diet for potency

1. The same oatmeal is rich in L-arginine – it is an amino acid, which, in combination with nitric oxide, increases the strength of the vessels. L-arginine is used in the treatment of sexual dysfunction, because it helps relax the muscles surrounding the vessels in the male genital area, as a result of which they expand and the blood flow increases.

2. Today, doctors have determined that, for a good potency, the food that male representatives eat must have a sufficient quantity of vitamins E, A, and B. Also, to raise potency, you need to pay attention to the quantity and quality of consumed food.

The result is a strong and persistent erection, which is so desirable to every modern man. So eat right, and then Cialis generic will not be a medicine for you. Cialis and Viagra will be your only means to achieve more acute sensations during intercourse!