Do You Really Need Drugs to Increase Potency and Delay a Problem?

We will skip the long explanations about the life of modern guys occupied by drugs trying to cure erectile dysfunction (ED) and turn to widely-respected professionals in the medical sphere. In spending just a few minutes familiarizing yourself with this curious material, you may create your own opinion about your personal need for these medications.drugs potency and delay with a problem

Prevalence of the problem

Nowadays you can not find a person who hasn’t heard of medications to improve male power. These drugs are promoted everywhere: on television, paper media, or the internet. Everyone can admit that this advertising really influences vital male needs. A study could demonstrate that, in fact, 7% of guys in the 18-29 age range and 9% in the 30-39 age range have complications with getting or maintaining an erection. Medications for ED are seen as a real salvation. But do they really need them?

How to improve erection without drugs

Do you want a reliable erection?

1. In this case, the head of the Department of Urology at the University of Southern Illinois, Dr. Kevin McVarry, advises you to quit smoking: “As a result of smoking, blood vessels lose their ability to relax. Refusal of this addiction may be the same effective tool in the fight against ED, as well as widespread drugs”.

2. Other correct ways to regain full erection include weight loss, because reducing excess body weight really normalizes blood pressure. Against the background of hypertension, blood vessels have poor elasticity and partially lose the ability to expand. Weight loss is the cheapest method of reducing high blood pressure.

What to expect from drugs

Viagra and Cialis sit together in the class of phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors. Their main impact is in blood vessel relaxation. They carry blood to the penis, so it results in a reliable erection.

These medications are effective for more than 75% of guys with ED complications. The head of the Department of Male Reproductive Medicine and Surgery, Dr. Michael Eisenberg, means to cope with potency complications and quickly return a guy’s lost self-confidence.

Another experienced specialist, Harry Fish (Professor of the College of Medicine), comments positively about these drugs: “The means for male power treatments minimize the recovery time interval between intimate acts, allowing guys to “recharge the batteries” faster. This is a vital option for those males who often have the phenomenon of premature ejaculation. A long-acting drug (even Cialis 5mg) allows you not to think about how to find time to drink a pill before intimate act, which makes males more free in their decisions and actions.”

There are no medications without some consequences, and Cialis side effects are no exception. They may provoke headaches, dizziness, redness of the face, nasal congestion, and dyspepsia. At the same time, the vast majority of males either don’t pay attention to these effects or do not encounter them at all. As Professor Fish reasonably remarked, “If you are actually tormented with ED, then with a stuffy nose you somehow humble yourself.” If you take these means in recommended doses without abusing them, the risk of such effects will be minimized. As for fears of a possible addiction of Cialis from Canada, this is absolutely out of the question.

Erectile dysfunction – the reason to worry

More often among the sources of ED are really serious problems: heart failure, arterial hypertension, diabetes, even atherosclerosis. All these illnesses are associated with the narrowing of blood vessels, thus preventing blood flow to the penis. In one issue of the journal PLOS Medicine, a study shows that guys agonizing from serious ED are admitted to hospital due to cardiovascular events 35% more often than guys who have no potency problems.

If you and your better half plan for a child and for this reason subordinated your love joys to a strict schedule, then the means for ED treatment may really help here. “Sex on a schedule is really a stressful process”, says the popular urologist Paul Turek, the head of a clinic for men’s health. “Medication therapy will exclude this stress and meet your erection requirements without any additional effort.”