1) After taking Cialis I have ringing in my ears, and my nose gets bunged-up. Is it normal?
Both symptoms – ringing in the ears and blocked nose can be side effects of Cialis. It’s not dangerous, but if you don’t feel comfortable with it, try to replace Cialis with another drug.

2) I am diabetic. Can I take Cialis?
Diabetes is not an absolute contraindication to taking Cialis. However, like with any other serious diseases, do not self-medicate. Consult your attending doctor for specifying the dosage and other recommendations.

3) How long should I wait for the effect of Cialis? It is written in the leaflet that an effect comes in 15-20 minutes, but I took it half an hour ago and still don’t feel anything special.
Cialis usually starts working in 15-20 minutes after taking, but its effect can be slowed down by food, alcohol and some other drugs. You’d better take it on an empty stomach.

4) What is stronger – Viagra or Cialis?
Everything depends on the preferences. Some men prefer Cialis, others – Viagra. In general, it is considered that the effect of Cialis is milder, but longer. Viagra has a shorter but stronger effect. But you’d better try both options by yourself to compare.

5) Are there any supplements or vitamins that should not be taken with Cialis?
Food supplements and vitamins, including multivitamin supplements, are not contraindications to taking Cialis and Viagra. The only absolute contraindication to these drugs taking is nitrate-containing medications.

6) Is it OK to take Cialis at the age of 60? Isn’t it dangerous?
Cialis must not be taken by men younger than 18, but there is no upper limitation. If you feel ok, you may use it at any age. Of course, if you have any doubts, consult a specialist, who will estimate your state of health and give you a prescription.

7) Can I take a pill of Viagra if I’ve taken Cialis already, but it didn’t have any effect?
You should not mix two drugs with similar action. Also it is forbidden to take PDE-5 inhibitors more than once a day. Wait until the effect of Cialis stops, and only then you can take other drugs.

8) I have no problems with reaching erection. Can I use Cialis to last longer?
Cialis is a drug for ED treatment, not a sexual stimulator. If you are healthy, it will not influence the quality of your erection. To last longer you’d better use special lubricants, condoms or rings that prevent blood escaping from the penis.

9) Does Cialis influence blood pressure? Can I take it if I take drugs for hypertension?
Cialis can have a side effect in the form of irregular heartbeat or jumps in blood pressure. It is usually not recommended to men with too high or too low blood pressure. But everything is individual, in any case you’d better to consult a cardiologist.