How You Can Restore Potency after Quitting Smoking Cigarettes!

Many men prefer to know how quickly restoration of potency occurs after quitting smoking. Men in tobacco captivity eventually come to the realization that they need to abandon the addiction. Those who have decided to give up cigarette dependence face problems – not just psychological, but also physiological, one of which is the manifestation of sexual dysfunction. It is necessary to understand what happens to the body at the time of nicotine satiety and starvation, in order to help properly escape from tobacco dependence.

Can cigarette rejection provoke potency problems?

potency after quitting smoking cigarettesThe responsible decision to say goodbye to a cigarette once and for all is easy, but difficult to consistently implement. It’s no accident that guys are interested in how smoking cessation affects potency, as there are many associated disorders in the intimate sphere pending the absence of nicotine in the body.

Regular use of nicotine has taught the body to live by certain rules. Many guys use this as an excuse to return to tobacco smoking, claiming that they quit cigarettes because potency was gone, and after a long cigarette, they said they felt the desire again – even without Cialis online from Canada. It is necessary to dispel the myth about the immediate restoration of potency after smoking. What happens to a guy at the stage of abandoning addiction?

After years of baiting from nicotine, the body needs a dose again. It is not necessary to dismiss the psychological aspect: the pauses formed before the smoke breaks are difficult to fill up at first, and the surrounding people who are devoted to a cigarette are constantly caught in the storm. The rebellious organism “does not believe its happiness” and slowly comes to a normal state. During this period of withdrawal are several common symptoms:

  • -headache
  • -strong irritability
  • -nervousness for the slightest reason

It takes time to recover and gain a clear understanding that, if you quit this bad habit, the potency will be restored and intimate relationships will acquire bright colors. Do not resort to the use of stimulants of vascular tone, and buy generic Cialis.

How is potency restored after quitting smoking?

Regardless of the number of cigarettes smoked per day, a decrease in male strength is noted because a full erection as a result of nicotine is impossible. Several convincing positions should encourage guys to abandon cigarettes:

1. Nicotine leads to deformation of blood vessels throughout the body and in the penis, including where the capillaries and veins are significantly reduced in size, which impedes the full functioning of the pelvic organs. First the potency decreases, and then it disappears completely, making the guys choose the lowest price of Cialis.

2. The amount of testosterone in the body decreases, which dulls sexual desires. There is a decrease in libido, so a guy becomes passive in all spheres of life.

3. The reproductive function worsens. Spermogram in smokers shows a decrease in the quality of seminal fluid, so there is a small mobility of spermatozoa.

4. General harm to life and health.

When will potency be restored upon quitting?

Depending on the individual characteristics, organism andpotency after quitting smoking cigarettes experience of the smoker, the process of eliminating dysfunction in sexual life takes a different period of time. After quitting smoking, a guy and his partner will be able to observe an improvement in potency, but not with the wave of a magic wand.

The approximate timing of the resumption of erectile function depends on the duration of the effects of dependence:

1. The time to restore potency after two years of smoking often occurs within 2 months. During this period, it is necessary to revise the diet so that food is complete.

2. In guys who have a 10-year experience of smoking, the male power is normalized and the sex life will acquire a different quality in six months.

3. Smokers with 20 years of experience with cigarettes will need up to 2 years to recover.

4. With more than 20 years of experience, you do not have to count on a full recovery of potency, but its improvement will be noted just 3 years after quitting.

The very first days of giving up a nicotine addiction for a man are especially difficult. We need to monitor the diet, organize leisure, and provide a restful sleep. Those who opted for a healthy lifestyle and a full-fledged intimate life with potency will not be disappointed by the effects of abandoning cigarettes.