How to Survive Sexual Abstinence without Falling into a Big Depression

How to survive sexual abstinenceWhat happens to us in the absence of sex? Nothing good, in fact. We become angry, irritable, and even too aggressive. We begin to send out negative emotions left and right: we tear into sellers in shops, waiters in restaurants… but some situations can not be avoided, and a Cialis 30-day free trial is forced to wait until better times.

Sexual abstinence happens to absolutely every person at one point or another, and your task is the development of appropriate mechanisms of behavior (besides masturbation: it is enough to already be like pimply adolescents), trying not to go crazy in days, weeks, even months of sexual drought.

In the vast majority of cases, sexual abstinence is not due to the absence of potential sexual partners (unless you live on a desert island), but instead lies with the characteristics of your worldview and attitude. In other words, the problem lies in the person himself, not in his environment. Below you can find several useful tips that will help you survive the temporary lack of sex and not to fall into depression.

Have some flirty fun

Yes, this is a little provocative advice, but it also has a right to life. Try flirting with 2-3 people. If you do not get it – try again: maybe you will be lucky next time. Often among the sources of sexual abstinence is excessive legibility or even fastidiousness. Do you think it is time to lower the bar of your requirements?

If this option does not work, then …

Accept the vow of chastity

If you heeded the previous advice, you have probably already realized that one-time sex is not a way out for you. Then you can go the opposite direction and completely abandon sex, like a monk who takes celibacy. Hold your horses until better times when you will meet someone who really entrances you. Then you can safely forget about the instructions of vowing to be chaste and find a free Cialis coupon or Cialis for sale so you can fully enjoy your sex life.

Appreciate the beauty

With all the banality of the phrase – the world is beautiful! Try to find beauty where you have never looked for it: how beautifully the colleague at work makes coffee, how elegantly the neighbor walks the dog, or even how the casual fellow traveler in the subway chews gum. If you learn to see beauty, she will see you. And maybe she will want to jump into your bed…

Try to go out of town or take a walk in the park. Perhaps, pulling yourself out of your habitat, you will save yourself from obsessing over sex.

How to survive sexual abstinence

The world is not perfect

Have you noticed that some of the tips take you in exactly the opposite direction? There is nothing paradoxical about this. Each person is so unique that you never know what can work best for you. The lack of sex can lead you to the idea that you are unattractive. At such moments, think about the fact that we will all turn gray and get wrinkles. The body is that asset that is given to us only for a while, so use it now, before it is too late.

Spoil yourself with delicious dishes or go in for sports

Delicious food and exercises are the two most common tips for overcoming sexual abstinence. Indeed, this can be an adequate replacement for sex.

How to survive sexual abstinenceIn conclusion, remember the most important thing: no one ever tells the whole truth about their sex life. Do not think that you are worse than others, and do not be led on by the stories of friends and acquaintances about their sexual exploits. All your problems are transient.