Principles of Eating: Healthy vs. Junk food for Male Sexual Health!

Male diet for High Potency

A balanced, nutritious diet is extremely important for maintaining male sexual health. First, it helps to avoid overeating. Secondly, the functioning of the endocrine system and the whole organism will be improved. There are a number of products that contribute to the synthesis of testosterone.

Consequently, the level of libido increases and potency is improved and restored. Besides, healthy eating is an important component of ED treatment. Every doctor knows that the patient will see better results with Viagra pills when he maintains a healthy diet.

Your daily diet should include the following products:

  • -Sour cream
  • -Garlic
  • -Green onions
  • -Greenery
  • -Fresh vegetables and fruits
  • -Nuts
  • -Seafood
  • Honey
  • -Ginger
  • Pumpkin seeds

There are disputes about meat: some argue that meat worsens one’s state of health. Still, meat is an essential part of any man’s diet because this is a major source of protein. It’s possible to reduce the number of meat dishes one consumes. Also, it is important to eat only dietary types of meat: rabbit, turkey, chicken breast, and beef that should only be steamed, baked or boiled.

Fried fatty meat only hinders male potency. Chicken eggs also contain the necessary amount of protein, but they can increase one’s cholesterol levels. That’s why 3-4 eggs a week are more than enough. Some experts say that it is possible to restore potency by using natural coffee. Indeed, only natural coffee improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system. One cup of coffee a day positively affects male sexual health. If you drink more than that, you risk developing hypertension.

Food Products that Damage Male Health

A healthy diet should also exclude food products that hinder male sexual health. In other words, there is a list of products that can mess with all the positive health benefits of a balanced diet.

Avoid alcoholic beverages. There are two exceptions to the rules – a glass of wine or a glass of cognac. This dosage affects sensual life favorably, increasing the libido of both sexual partners. Just keep in mind that no alcoholic beverages should be drunk before and after taking Viagra pills, as it may decrease the drug’s effectiveness. Soy is another baddie; it contains a large amount of phytoestrogen – analogues of female sex hormones. Over time, testosterone is replaced by estrogen and the testosterone production ceases.

  • Also try to avoid the following:
  • Principles of Eating: Healthy and Junk food for Male Sexual Health!-Energy drinks and soda
  • -Drinking coffee in large quantities (more than three cups a day)
  • -A large amount of salt and sugar, as they damage the functionality of the circulatory system
  • -Canned goods. They contain lots of carcinogens that cause male health to deteriorate
  • -Marinated foods. Vinegar should be consumed in limited quantities, as it disrupts the production of testosterone
  • -Smoked products. They contain substances that have a toxic effect on the circulatory system.

One last thing: eating only healthy food products and doing it every day will be absolutely useless if you go on smoking and living a sedentary life. Therefore, if a man wants to maintain potency until old age, he needs not only to eat useful foods, but also to play sports, have a positive attitude about life, and most importantly – to have regular sex.