Smoking and Erectile Dysfunction – What is the Connection Between Them?

As obvious as it is, smoking is extremely harmful to a person’s health. Strangely, knowing about this doesn’t change the ultimate quantity of smokers in the world.

The Effect of Nicotine on the Human Body

Smoking and Erectile Dysfunction - what is the Connection between them?

Most smokers naively believe that nicotine is the only really dangerous substance in tobacco products. In fact, there are a number of poisonous compounds capable of permanently damaging a smoker’s body (and other surrounding people, as well). Scientists do not confirm smokers’ excuses that the filter can stop the penetration of harmful compounds into the body. Only 35-40% of toxic substances are held back by the filter.

Today, doctors admit that smoking and human health are interrelated:

  • Nicotine – affects endocrine profile, nervous, respiratory, urinoexcretory, and cardiovascular systems
  • Cadmium and lead – have a negative impact on kidneys, blood vessels, and bone tissue
  • Methane, radioactive substances, formaldehyde, and arsenic – intoxicate the entire human body
  • Phenol – affects the respiratory system by irritating mucous membrane; can be a cause of cancer
  • Carbon monoxide, ethanol, methyl – damage blood vessels

Smoking and the Reproductive System

Any experienced doctor examining the cause of ED claims that nearly 85% of all cases are a result of excessive smoking.

Based on the practice and world research in this field, experts point out that smoking and potency in men are interrelated:

  • Nicotine and phenol – harm the circulatory system, leading to vessel constriction. The development of atherosclerosis and vascular occlusion influence sensual life negatively.
  • Smoking decreases oxygen uptake, which has a negative impact on the functionality of all body systems.
  • Congestion in the pelvic organs breaks the functioning of the genitourinary system.
  • Smoking leads to the decrease of testosterone production. As a result, men are deprived of sexual appetite.
  • Smoking impairs the sperm motility and damages its quality. That’s why most smokers’ children have some health problems.

Of course, a one-cigarette dose is too small to notice a poisonous effect, but a smoking habit pumps noxious substances into the body. Most men find that even taking strong drugs like world-known Cialis and Viagra don’t provide a desired effect if the man is a confirmed smoker. He has to take a stiff dose of drugs, such as Viagra at 100mg or the generic Viagra at 150mg, for instance. Gradually, nicotine addiction promotes erectile dysfunction and a lack of sexual desire.

How can Smoking Cessation Influence on ED?

Scientists and doctors note that smoking and ED areSmoking and Erectile Dysfunction - what is the Connection between them? connected; that is why the first part of successfully treating erectile dysfunction is to stop smoking. Of course, recovery of potency after cessation also depends on individual characteristics of the patient, his age, and his smoking history. Specialists warrant that you will notice health-promoting effects after one month and a full recovery after half a year.

Most patients mention the following results:

  • Improvement of erection
  • Increase of coitus duration
  • Increased sex drive
  • Improvement of state of health
  • Normalization of ejaculation
  • Enhancement of penis sensitivity