Take Care of Men’s Health: Effective Strategies for Desired Erectile Behavior

What does distinguish a real maneffective strategies for erectile behavior from effeminate, sexless, unisex creatures? Respect for the working tool: screwdrivers, wrenches, hacksaws, drills, punchers – everything should be ordered, sharpened, oiled and ready for work.

But when it comes to the most important male “tool”, oddly enough, such scrupulousness does not always manifest itself. We begin to scoff at it from our youth: tight jeans, random sexual intercourse, alcohol … in the end, by the age of 30-40, we are anxiously observing how we only have memories of the previous, springy sexual “tool” and end up looking for our Cialis free trial. Then Cialis 10mg and other drugs for strengthening potency become our irreplaceable companions in romantic adventures. And the reason here is not only in the natural extinction of testosterone abundance, but in our fundamentally-incorrect behavior.

We present some effective behavioral strategies that will save your erection from the effects of negative factors and loss of vitality.

A drop of nicotine kills … an erection

Scientists at the University of Kentucky conducted a study which participants had to estimate the quality of their sexual lives on a scale from 1 to 10. As it turned out, among the dissatisfied with their sexual accomplishments, the vast majority were smokers.

If that is not a good enough argument to quit smoking immediately, how about this: smoking not only causes impotence, but also reduces the size of your penis! Imagine: you are blissfully drawing smoke into the lungs, and at the same time another thing is being drawn… Irvine Goldstein, urologist at the University of Boston, says: “In addition to damaging blood vessels, including those carrying blood to the penis, smoking most negatively affects the smooth muscle tissue of the penis, making it less elastic and denying it the ability to stretch.”

Decide on a vasectomy

Male sterilization (vasectomy) is not so popular today; however, there is considerable significance in this operation. And if you have already “shot” in terms of children, then perhaps it is worth considering. The fact that the fear of making your partner a child for some men is a strong “anti-erectile” factor: the risk of contraceptive “error” is much stronger than commonly believed. At your service, a vasectomy is a 99.9% guarantee that no sperm will escape.

Switch attention to your wife

It has long been noticed that the man cheating on the side often has problems with erection. If you contact the andrologist in regards to erectile dysfunction, one of the first questions will be: “Do you cheat on your wife?” The point is this: every time during intimacy with a wife, a cheating husband will have a feeling of guilt that adversely affects the erection.

Be careful with your instrument

Just one wrong move by your penis and you run the risk of damaging the cavernous bodies that form its erectile tissue. Try to make several frictional movements with respect to the tree trunk: in fact, it will be the same as if you got straight to the pubic bone of your partner.

A full rupture of the cavernous body requires a 24-hour surgical intervention in order to completely eliminate internal bleeding and prevent irreversible damage.

Partial rupture is not so dangerous, but it can have delayed negative consequences in time: cavernous tissue loses its elasticity, which leads to the curvature of the penis, pain, and impotence. According to rough estimates, about a third of men have injured their penis. To insure yourself against such troubles, be on the alert when your lady at the top is the most traumatic pose for the penis.

Walk in the fresh air

Men walking at least 2 miles per day are twice as likely suffer from erectile dysfunction than those who neglect walking at all. Urologist of Chicago St. Luke Medical Center, Lawrence Levine, says: “If you think that your arteries are something like water pipes, think again: if they are hammered, they can be easily cleaned, so you are really mistaken. Vascular walls are zones of great biological activity, where various substances are synthesized and released into the blood. And if you give a regular warm-up to your cardiovascular system, then the inner shell of the wall of the blood vessels will be cleaner and healthier.”

Therefore, do not find yourself looking for a Cialis price; change your erectile behavior before it is too late.