The Role of Moderate Physical Activity for Men over 40

Men have traditionally been considered the stronger sex. The word “stronger” has historically been used in the most direct sense. Any average, healthy man is physically stronger than the average woman. Men may have to do a lot of heavy physical work, lift heavy loads, build houses, walk and run on foot, and so on. Regular physical loads make them tough and durable, and their muscles firm.

Modern society and physical activity

Nowadays, the situation has changed dramatically. Men are still considered the stronger sex, but in saying so, we don’t necessarily mean their physical strength. Moreover, men living in modern-day society don’t need to be as strong or tough as their ancestors. Today, we have everything we need for a quiet and comfortable life: cars, lifts, smartphones, computers, washing machines, and all types of food from supermarkets. Men don’t have to go hunting and protect their families from enemies. They even don’t need to walk much. The problem is that lack of motion and physical loads have a negative impact on male health.

Lack of physical activity and men’s health

One of the most important indicators of a man’s health is his sexual health. When a functional element of a man’s body experiences problems, the sexual sphere is affected first. The most common problem is erectile dysfunction. A sedentary way of life can cause numerous health problems, including the weakening of muscles, weight gain, lowered testosterone levels, and congestion of blood in the pelvic organs. The latter eventually leads to erectile dysfunction, and to impotence if a man doesn’t take appropriate measures.

Of course, today there are many effective medical solutions for ED treatment. For example, you could buy Cialis or Viagra and forget about impotence. Isn’t it better to prevent the problem, though? When we are young, we don’t think much about our health. Over time, though, the results of an unhealthy lifestyle become more and more evident. If you are over the age of 40 and your lifestyle is far from active, it’s time for you to think about adding sports or other activities into your daily life.

Optimal activities for men over 40

Of course, speaking of physical activity, we don’t mean weightlifting or extreme sports like windsurfing and mountain climbing. To maintain normal sexual health (and health in general) all you need is moderate, regular physical activity. Regularity is key. If you are sitting in front of the computer for months, and then you decide to run 10 kilometers one day, you won’t improve your health. On the contrary, you are risking to have severe problems, and if you are not crazy, you will avoid this. The best approach is to choose one kind of activity that you enjoy and do it regularly. It can be swimming, tennis, or rugby. It can be Nordic walking or skateboarding. In fact, it doesn’t matter, really. Just make sure that you enjoy it and that you do it at least twice a week. Try to spend at least one day a week in the open air.