The Secret to Male Longevity and Healthy Aging – How to Stay Active

There are numerous well-known stories of men becoming fathers when they were over 60, or even 70. Moreover, andrologists believe that almost every man has such reserves. At the same time, it is proven that sexual activity has a direct impact on the longevity and overall quality of life in men. The sexual instinct is one of the strongest natural instincts in men. While women at a certain stage of their life may be expected to do without sex, focusing all their energy on the children, any man lacking sexual activity may think his life has lost meaning.

What is biological age?

Everyone knows that potency depends on the age of the man. According to the laws of nature, at age 50, a man’s body starts to experience changes. In particular, testosterone levels lessen, and a man needs more help to reach and maintain an erection. Still, age is not just a number of years lived, but the degree of the body’s exhaustion. Some 70 year-old men have more sexual power than others who are 30. That is why medical specialists more and more frequently use the concept of biological age to estimate health condition and sexual power. Biological age is determined using the help of special tests. These tests include an examination of the cardiovascular, breathing, and nervous systems, as well as cholesterol and testosterone levels, flexibility of the chorda, and response rate.

If all the organs and systems are in good condition, a man’s biological age will correspond with his passport age (unless it is lower). If the tests show that cholesterol levels are too high, for example, biological age is higher, as is the risk of a heart attack or stroke. Of course, biological age has a direct impact on a man’s sexual power, as well.

Factors that have a negative impact on your sex life

Andrologists say that sexual health largely determines a man’s biological age. Doctors distinguish the following as negative factors that can cause early impotence and quicker aging:

– Lack of regular sex life, especially after the age of 30
– Lack of physical activity, having a sedentary way of life
– Sexually transmitted infections
– Heart disease
– Endocrine disorders
– Bad habits (smoking, drinking, drugs)
– Poor ecology
– Stresses, depression, anxiety
– Unhealthy nutrition
– Lack of sleep

Of course, there are few men who haven’t encountered at least one of these problems. Still, not everyone becomes impotent. Important factors here are timely diagnostics and adequate treatment.

After the age of 40, try to visit an urologist and cardiologist at least once a year, even if nothing bothers you. Keep in mind that almost any disease, including erectile dysfunction, can be cured completely if the treatment starts early enough. For example, a doctor may recommend that you buy Cialis or another progressive drug that effectively treats ED, irrespective of its cause.

Take care of your health, pay due attention to your lifestyle so you can stay healthy, strong, and sexually active into old age.