You Should Have the Sex that you Deserve, Not Just Dream About it at Night!

Here are some tips on how to arrange the great sex that you deserve!

You need skill, hardening, and training

If you are asked to demonstrate musculature, what will you do first? For sure, you would try to strain your granite biceps. Meanwhile, depending on the methods of counting, in the human body there are from 639 to 850 different muscles, many of which we do not even think to train (and by the way, would in vain). After all, the importance of muscle tone in a strong and full erection is difficult to overestimate.You should have sex that you deserve

There is a whole complex of exercises for the pelvic floor muscles, known as the Kegel system. Here is its express version for men:

1. Find the right muscles. To do this, you need to go to the toilet to pee. In the middle of urination, try to restrain the flow of urine. If you can at least slow it down – you are on the right track and use the right muscles. If it did not work out, try to find the desired point with your hand, clutching the muscle, and then letting it relax.

2. This, in fact, is the same “gymnastics”: hold the muscle, hold in that position, and after three seconds, unclench it. Daily reps, around 100-200 of such compression will help to restrain unwanted ejaculation.

Gel not for the head, but for the glans penis

You should have sex that you deserveIf you are an ideological opponent of condoms, rightly believing that they deprive you of the lion’s share of pleasure, apply a water-based gel-lubricant or spermicidal gel to the glans penis before putting on a condom. This will slightly increase the penis sensitivity. Never use oil-based lubricants like petroleum gel, children’s oils, or mineral oils: they can destroy latex.

Among all inhibitors of phosphodiesterase-5, Viagra is most sensitive to the presence of food in the gastrointestinal tract: in this case, its absorption into the blood significantly slows down, which most negatively affects the effectiveness of the drug. If you do not wish to become an ascetic and refuse to wait, even for a few hours, look at other preparations of this pharmacological group, such as generic Cialis online. Side effects of Cialis do not include the negative influence of the intake of fatty foods and alcohol consumption, which, frankly, are often desirable as precursors or for maximum enjoyment.

Test with stamps

In a healthy man under the age of 50, there are 3 to 5 nocturnal erections. The nature of their occurrence has not yet been established: it is believed that night frees a man from psycho emotional stresses, a characteristic of an intimate sphere. Thus, if you have annoying misfires in bed, and at the same time there are no problems with night erections, you do not have any erectile dysfunction, and the root of all erection ills lies in psychology.

To verify this, you can conduct a test with postage stamps. If you are reading about it for the first time, do not think that we are trying to play you: it is a real test that has been used in andrology since the 1980’s with few changes. Its essence lies in the following: the subject before going to sleep independently wraps his penis with a strip of postage stamps so that they form a solid ring. The marginal stamps are fastened together. Night erection, when it occurs, will tear this ring along the adjacent perforated line connecting the marks.

Scent of a woman

How should a woman smell to attract a man sexually? You probably will be surprised, but it is not any imaginary perfume or a coconut tanning lotion. This is just common cinnamon. Do not believe us? British neurologists conducted a unique experiment: they examined the intensity of blood flow in the penis in 25 students of medical schools while the students were exposed to a wide variety of odors, from lily of the valley to musk. As it turned out, the smell of cinnamon was the most exciting of all. At the same time, according to scientists, it awakens not so much erotic fantasies, but the real love, as it is not connected with female sexuality, but with home comfort.

Do not take Viagra with food

You should have sex that you deserveViagra is not a cheap drug. In order not to throw money away, when applying it, a number of restrictions must be observed. Perhaps the most important of them is the gastronomic one: if you eat well, take the drug no earlier than 90 minutes after your meal. Otherwise, fatty foods simply will not let Sildenafil (its active ingredient) be properly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract into the blood. Most of the complaints about the inefficiency of this drug come from lovers of delicious food who eat before taking the drug. Really, this is their fault.

So, let’s say it again: if you are planning a romantic candlelight dinner that will be gently turned into amorous pleasures supported by pharmacological “doping”, make sure that from the moment of eating the last piece of pork to the secret swallowing in the bathroom of the coveted blue “pill”, there should at least be an hour and a half in between these steps… or you better look for Cialis buying cost. This is a better choice, in this case.