Zipper on Trousers is a Common Cause of Male Power Disorders and Impotency!

Could you even think that the zipper on your trousers may be the reason you now are choosing between Viagra vs Cialis? Let’s find the causes.

Research statement

male power disorders and impotencyResearchers from the Association of Urological Surgery recently made an incredible statement. As it turned out, one of the reasons for the violation of potency at the present time is the frequent trauma of the genital organ, which occurs when the male reproductive organ is clamped with ordinary trouser zippers.

Some may find this to be an unusual trauma, but now, when people absolutely do not have excess time, and also when every man has developed a habit of hurrying to work or anywhere else, the frequency with which this trauma occurs has significantly increased.

Some statistics of such injuries

According to statistics, over the past five years alone, more than seventeen thousand men have resorted to help from medical professionals, complaining about injuries sustained in the fastening process on jeans and trousers. Basically, as the medical workers specified, people who addressed this problem were young guys. And this is doubly worse, since these people are in reproductive age, and a violation of potency can bring them a lot of problems, when they should look for a Cialis coupon in their future.

Often children also suffer from this problem. And the skin, stuck in the trouser zipper, is the most common source of injury of the foreskin. It should be noted that children often suffer from even greater pain caused by unskilled attempts by their parents to release the sexual organ. Therefore, doctors remind that in such cases, “self-treatment” is fraught with various complications.

Statistics on such injuries are underestimated

Scientists emphasize that, to date, a large prevalence of such situations is not observed. This is alarming because men are often just shy and do not seek help from qualified professionals, trying to solve the problem on their own.

And that’s good if everything goes well, but if something goes wrong, a person risks a lifetime of erectile dysfunction, which often occurs after a penis injury. And then they feel like a full-fledged man without enough Cialis dosage.

Opinions of specialists in urology

male power disorders and impotencyAccording to medical specialists in the field of urology, a trouser zipper is the worst enemy of the adult male’s penis, and quite often they suffer during roller-skating and bicycling. “Our task is to explain to men the real danger of the incident,” the scientist explains.

To reduce these sad statistics, Stephen Selbst (doctor of Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia) gives advice on how to act in such a situation, assuming a man does not want to go to the doctor.

1. It is necessary to pour a few drops of oil on the genitals.

2. For half an hour you need to sit quietly.

3. The foreskin stuck in the zipper is not necessary to pull out; it will slip out from the fastener.

4. According to the professor, in some situations, a cotton swab may be useful.

Stephen notes that during his huge medical practice, he often had to help out patients in this situation. Also, the doctor added that one of the main tasks of modern urology is to find new ways to correctly and painlessly release the male sexual organ captured by a zipper. Along with this, you should also add that you must always wear underwear. For little boys, you should give preference to trousers with buttons. “Well, of course, do not rush when dressing” – complemented Stephen Selbst’s story.